New rehearsal room!

Post date: Nov 16, 2011 3:11:0 PM

We now have a permanent room to use at Trinity!  

We will be able to have our Wednesday lessons and our Thursday rehearsals in this room on a regular basis without having to put our equipment away when we are done. And yes, some of the older kids have asked, this room DOES have heat - YEAH! (Last year up in Barker Hall in the winter it got alittle COLD). Our room is located on the main floor of the church just a few doors down from where we had summer band. This also means we will be using a different door to get into the church - the following describes which doors to use. 

Students will use a door coming off of Franklin St. - not the one off of 6th St. You do not use the double red doors that face Franklin but instead go down a long sidewalk that leads up to the church and go up a few stairs to a roofed area. Once under the roof you turn left and go in the doors there. Once in the door students need to go TO THE RIGHT - GOING TO THE LEFT ONCE INSIDE THE BUILDING WILL PUT YOU IN AN AREA OF THE CHURCH THAT HAS AN ALARM SYSTEM. There will be signs inside and outside the building showing everyone where to go.