Details on the DAC Band Program


The DAC Band Program is currently based in Chesterton at Sr. Patrick School. 

The school is located behind St Patrick Chruch and the band room is located in the first school building.  Parents should pull into the main parking lot and look for a single brown door with the DAC Band sign. The door will lead right into the band room

During the school year, DAC Band students perform concerts for friends and family.  Currently these performances also take place at St. Patrick School.

CHESTERTON , IN 46304                                                      

Costs of participation

SUMMER BAND - $150.00   -     This covers all music instruction during the months of July and August.  Beginners start their instruments at this time in small groups of like instruments and learn the basics of reading music. Advanced members attend summer band to continue to use and expand their playing skills.

FALL BAND - $480.00 For first student of a family, $420 for a second student and $360.00 for each additional student      

 - This covers all lessons, rehearsals and performances throughout the entire school year.  This works out to be approximately $6.00 per music lesson/rehearsal. The tuition is the same regardless of how many instruments a student plays or how many bands in which a student participates.  This also covers any extra help or lessons a student may need.

INSTRUMENT – VARIES      It is the responsibility of each student to obtain a band instrument.  The cost of the instrument will depend on the instrument that is chosen, the quality/brand name and whether it is new or used. A student is free to get an instrument anywhere they choose – however, it is recommended to check with the band director on brand names and price.

FUNDRAISER RESPONSIBILITY -  $90     Each student is responsible for $90 for the band account.  This is used for items necessary to the band program such as music, equipment, music stands, etc.  Students may pay the fundraiser fee OR they can choose to participate in our main fundraiser – our candy sale.  Students who choose this option automatically meet their fundraising obligation by selling a certain amount of candy.


Beginners in the DAC program generally start in our summer band session.  Any students beginning their music instruction in the fall will need to set up private lessons – this way they can get individual help in order to move to where the rest of the year’s beginners will be.  Music lessons can be set up with the band director at a cost of $20 for a half hour lesson.  When a student has achieved the level needed to move into small group lessons (and begin attending weekly rehearsals) the yearly tuition ($480, 420 or 360)) will be prorated to the time the student comes into the full band program.

Who can join the DAC Band

Any student entering or currently in grades four through twelve is welcome to join the DAC Band Program. The different performance levels of the program allow for a variety in the ages of the participants. What each student needs most is the desire to learn, work with others and the readiness to have fun with the music. 

The DAC is concert band organization and gives music instruction on the following instruments: