How to join

IT'S AS EASY AS  1, 2, 3



           You can turn in the summer band form with the tuition and the sign up meeting OR Just send in the summer band form (found on the student forms page) with the summer band tuition ($150) to: DAC Band 408 Bowser Ave Chesterton IN 46304. This will get you signed up for summer lessons. (While summer band is strongly recommended, if you are not able to attend a summer session you can join by contacting the band director to get information on private lessons).



          YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR AN INSTRUMENT AT THE BAND SIGN UP MEETING OR YOU CAN Call (219)462-5086 or go to the website for Quinlan and Fabish -  This is a very reputable music company that has served the community for many years. They can take care of everything you will need (instrument, book, stand and accessories).  Just let them know where you would like to start the lessons (Chesterton or Michigan City) AND THEY WILL DELIVER IT TO THE LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE FOR THE FIRST SUMMER LESSON


        If your child does not attend a school where DAC Band currently has lessons or has not be able to attend the tryout meeting you should contact Quinlan and Fabish to set up an appointment for your child to try the instruments to see which one he/she would like to play. If this is not possible please contact the band director

       NOTE - It is not required to go through Quinlan and Fabish - you may obtain an instrument anywhere you choose - please check with the band director for information regarding instrument brands and accessories such as books, reeds, stands, etc.



      We will start with the very basics of playing each instrument and reading music.  Through the summer each student will come to know the joy of making music! 



Please contact the band director with any questions you may have. Responses to all inquiries will be prompt and will provide answers to all questions and concerns.  Every effort will always be made to work with any situation a parent/student may have – financial, scheduling or other. 


NOTE:  Beginners in the DAC program generally start in our summer band session.  Any students beginning their music instruction in the fall will need to set up private lessons – this way they can get individual help in order to move to where the rest of the year’s beginners will be.  Music lessons can be set up with the band director at a cost of $20 for a half hour lesson.  When a student has achieved the level needed to move into small group lessons (and begin attending weekly rehearsals) the yearly tuition ($480 for first student of family, $440 for second and $385 for addtional students) will be prorated to the time the student comes into the full band program.