Levels of Instruction

                                                                                                                                                                        MUSIC INSTRUCTION


            The DAC Band Program is set up to give students the best of both worlds in music instruction.  Small group lessons made up of students of like instruments and ability levels are given to all members of the program. These music lessons take place once a week.   In addition to this, all band members attend a weekly rehearsal with other students at their musical level.  In this way, each student receives the hands on individual music instruction in their lessons and is able to put this instruction “into play” at a rehearsal with other students.  It allows for a full band experience with emphasis on the individual student.


                                                                                                                                                                  PERFORMANCE ENSEMBLES


Essential to any music program is the ability to offer students a variety of performance groups in which they can learn and grow as musicians.  DAC Band has three concert band performance levels in the program represented by the following groups:


BEGINNING BAND     -       This group is made up of students who are just   starting on their instruments.  Instruction starts at   the very beginning with the basics of reading music   and the first steps in playing an instrument.  No   previous music instruction is needed for this level.

 INTERMEDIATE BAND -   This performance group is the next step for progressing students.  Intermediate Band is a  combination of students who have completedone year of music instruction and those students  who are working on their second instrument.

  SYMPHONIC BAND     -     Symphonic Band is the highest level of bands in the program. This group is comprised of students wh  have had at least two years of music instructio  their instrument. One of the goals of this band is to challenge its members with advanced junior high level music as well as performing high school level compositions.


As mentioned above, all students in the DAC program receive a small group music lesson once a week. Lessons are generally arranged with similar instruments in the same performance group (Beginning, Intermediate or Symphonic.)  The lesson times are worked out with parents to make the scheduling as convenient as possible.  

Lessons are held at St. Patrick School in Chesterton and are currently scheduled for Monday afternoon/evenings.